UniFi may Open up your network

Be aware when updating UniFi Controller from 5.3.x to version 5.4.x and running WPA Enterprise secured wireless networks. There is a good chance that your network ends up completely unprotected while to the administrator everything looks fine. Both versions are official “stable” releases, so there is a good chance lots of networks get affected.

Whoopsie daisies!

Reason for this appears to be the addition of “RADIUS Profiles”, more specifically the migration of existing settings to this profile. Prior to 5.4 each WLAN could have one RADIUS server assigned for authentication and VLAN assignment. The update to 5.4 appears to be faulty in a way that the old RADIUS information gets lost and no profile gets created. Once the APs fetch that new configuration, for example when restarting, they get a “null” value and fall back to “Open” security configuration. Yeah right, from “WPA Enterprise” to “Open” just by updating your controller! On top of that, UniFi Controller does pretend that the network is still “wpaeap” secured, so if you’re running a remote WLAN site you may not even be aware of the fact that anyone can access your network without authentication.

To identify the issue, check the actual WLAN settings by scanning the network and second look out for the following log-file entry at UniFi Controllers server.log file.

[2017-01-18 23:41:30,160] WARN uap - invalid radiusprofile_id: null

I contacted Ubiquity Networks about this and they seem to be aware of the issue. However instead of accepting it as a massive vulnerability they just claim it to be “just a bug at the update”. UBNT likes to play at the Software Defined Networking (SDN) league, sensitivity for security issues at the “software” part does not seem to be a priority though. Lets see how quickly this gets handled in a serious way once some company networks unexpectedly “Opened”…

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